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Kitty Poem


Nov 26, 2010
When Alice passed away Anastasia made it her mission to take care of me. I swear all I had to do was think about crying and she was there. If licking and loving didn't stop me she would bite me! This went on for a few months.

I wrote this about her and thought being cat people you might enjoy it.


Some say she's just a cat.
I know better.
Alice told Anastasia
to take good care of me.

She's a tiny furry angel
With a task.
To be here for me
And purr away my tears.

When I cry
She comes.
Touches my face with her nose
...her paw
...looking into my eyes.
Seeing herself and her task
Reflected in my tears.

She tells me it's okay
I'm here.
I will wipe away
your tears.
I will make you smile.

As she gently
Licks my face
Then lays next to my pillow
Purring me to sleep.
= ^..^ =