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Litter choice to use with litter robot


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jul 11, 2019
Ok, I’m reviving this for an update. The walnut litter didn’t work as well as it seemed to at first. The problem was that it would clump to the bottom of the litter robot and then hang there when the globe was upside down. Furthermore, this tracked everywhere and didn’t clump well. The clumps fell apart and made a mess if I had to scoop manually and filled the litter drawer with walnut powder. I found this litter to be suboptimal for us even in the manual box I have as a backup.
After this we went to the oko , the wood litter and it’s too big to be sifted by the litter robot so into the manual box it went. Not terrible overall, but not able to use for the purpose for which it was purposed- my litter robot.
Most recently, I purchased a bag of Frisco grass litter and I like this the best next to the worlds best. It clumps well, doesn’t track terribly and doesn’t stink as much as other natural litters. It’s very lightweight and I think I found my next litter. The best two in my opinion are the worlds best corn litter and the Frisco grass litter.
If we are talking natural litters for a manual scooping box, I stil like the wee kitty the best. It’s a corn based pellet and clumps beautifully and control odor the best. For litter robot it’s too big so worlds best or Frisco would be my recommendations.
I encourage people to share their own experiences here as there are so many natural litters out there and choosing one can be challenging , especially if you’re dealing with an automatic box such as the litter robot
Thank you for your complete reviews of the litter; it really is so informative and helpful. I am considering getting a litter robot, and want to start transitioning the litter Walter uses now so that he is used to it before I put it in the litter robot.


Oct 31, 2017
Thanks for the info. Has anyone tried the Eco-Pine Pellets (from Petvalu in Canada-pic attached). When they get wet they turn into a sawdust consistency and can be flushed safely. I'm seriously considering a robot, but also keen on finding an environmentally friendly litter. Also, you get a massive bag for under $15.