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Looking For A Sphynx


Sep 22, 2019
My fiancé and I are looking to adopt a Sphynx Cat. We have been looking for a Sphynx kitty or cat for over a year now. We have experience with the breed we have no children and no other pets. We rescued Sphynx a couple of years ago named Milo he unfortunately had HCM. I actually adopted him when I was running an animal shelter. I have vet tech experience as well as animal shelter experience as a Shelter Manager and animal rescue.

We have been heartbroken.

I do a lot of animal rescue work with Siberian Huskies and with the group Pilots For Paws. We live in the St. Louis Missouri area and we are also looking to foster as well!
We are wanting to give a Sphynx Baby or Adult their forever home! We have a large house and of course they would get the run of the house! And they will be the most loved and best treated!
Willing to travel to pick up! We have references from Veterinarians and rescue groups!
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