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Looking to adopt in Michigan, willing to travel (any Canadians out there?)

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Jun 14, 2015
Hi! I'm Stephanie. Recently, I was set to adopt my first ever sphynx, an adorable male tuxedo, but due to complications he passed away within weeks of gotcha day :cry:With a broken heart, I've been on the lookout for a baby like him ever since. However, my funds are very limited now because, if my luck wasn't bad enough, the breeders (I've met them in person before, and they seemed trustworthy) aren't willing to give back my 500 dollar deposit. I've been looking into lawyers, but without a contract being involved I don't know if hiring one would tack on more money and furthermore drain me. The adoption process seemed completely normal, we'd message on facebook, I'd get picture updates and everything. We seemed to become friends. I guess you never really know people and how cruel and unsympathetic they can be. With that being said, i'm on the lookout for another, but I can only afford around 800-900. I'm aware that a quality sphynx goes for 1200-1500, but with that deposit gone I simply cannot afford anything else, and I'm desperate. While I was expecting my first, this site taught me everything I needed to know about owning a sphynx, and in no time I was 100% prepared to be a sphynx owner so I thought since this site was so helpful I'd give it a shot and reach out about finding a tuxedo in this thread due to my low price.

I live in Michigan, and am willing to travel anywhere on the east coast. However, since American money is worth more in Canada, my budget shouldn't affect the usual 1200 dollar pricing.
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