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Looking To Adopt In NC (Or VA/SC near NC Boarder)


Feb 16, 2020
I currently have the complete opposite, a family of 3 Persian cats. Two are rescued seniors. One is 12, The other is "at least" 10 years old. My youngest at the current is meek but confident. He lets the other cats handle anything for him. Except Rumples, my eldest, The other two know tricks and tend to go to local events for kitties. A few have won some rewards for Charities in beauty pageants. All 3 wear clothes off and on and are happy with grooming. They love other kitties and honestly anyone.

I have always wanted a little naked cat, I love the look of the Sphynx, Devon, and Cornish Rex.

My current location is the triad NC, So close to Greensboro NC.

I included my Christmas photo with Santa. :3

I am willing to provide the rescues references I got the cats from as a reference, vet reference though I kinda spread out for vets and just found a vet I finally like as they are a new clinic in my area, have a social media I am pretty active on with the postings of them and a cat related instagram @StarFleetPets , as well as other references you want that I can provide, I love transparency and I ask the same if your kitty has an issue. I promise not to judge. My black kitty came with 3 ear infections in both ears and it took months of a few different vets to fix along with feces in her ear, and behavioral issues that are now gone and she is a confident lady. The Blue eldest one came to me emaciated with the vet saying to not get too attached as he looked grim. He will be on supplements for the rest of his life . I promise, I will not judge you, but I do ask you be honest so that I can help the cat asap if it needs medical attention or has certain issues.

I know this is not a common breed and am willing to wait for the perfect one.
Thank you for reading.


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Sep 2, 2014
I wish you luck in your search!

Love and Sphynx ~ It’s all you need