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Looking to adopt in SoCal - Pet free home, fully home most days


Dec 27, 2023
Hey all. Due to being newly disabled in my 20s and losing all of my previous fur babies over time due to old age, our family now has lots of free time and is looking to take in a new furless baby that will recieve lots of love with us. I have a relatively calm 8 year old and no current pets. My husband and I have had 6 cats between ourselves in the past, and I have experience with Sphynx, so I promise that they would go to a very loving home where they are well cared for. Any age, gender, or color is perfectly fine, we're just looking for a new member of the family. Thanks for reading!

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Sterling (((hugs))) and welcome to the lair family . glad you joined this amazing fun friendly down to earth bunch . I joined here 12 yrs ago and it truly is family here.

I have all adoptees! two from a member! stay active with us and jump in and enjoy this fun friendly bunch. your sphynx experience will be helpful to share tips on threads too!

be sure to read the frauds tip link. was very helpful when I adopted outside sphynxlair. do not hesitate to pm me for any ads you are looking at for an extra peek for red flags. here for you! I always try to help hearts align. will keep an eye out for you too!

** I wanted to share as I was not aware until I started looking to adopt.. there is an option to adopt retirees from reputable breeders . I adopted a wonderful retiree when she was 2, she is 10 now and doing great, never a vet visit for any issues.
HCM scanned, papers, extras and as cuddly as if I had her as a kitten. sharing the reputable breeder link, that I read when looking to adopt a retiree. they sometimes have a wait list. I got my girl in a couple of months, spayed, fully vetted too. I stay in touch with her first mum on a regular basis for over a decade.

was helpful for me to know what questions to ask when I was interviewing them looking to adopt a retiree. all paws crossed the sphynx stars align. stay active here and check often.