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Looking to Adopt/Rescue, located in Orange County, CA.


Jul 7, 2023
We just lost our beautiful Siamese mix and are heartbroken. We've been intrigued by Sphynxes for a while, so we are looking to adopt/rescue, located in Orange County, CA but willing to drive a reasonable distance. Would love to adopt a bonded pair of Sphynxes if possible. Kittens would be amazing, but would welcome adult cats as well along as they're well socialized. No preference for gender or color.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@dougmatic , welcoming you and yours to the lair family.. (((squeeze hugs))) ,I am soo very sorry that your sweet siamese got angel wings. my heart hurts for you. here for you. Remember the love, soo much love. your baby only knows your eternal love. I truly believe they send us the one to love like they knew in this world. my Yoda girl sent me 4 adoptees :) heart healers.

I adopted after my girl (avatar pic) got her angel wings. stay active with us and check often. several of us have adopted from members. I adopted a bonded pair of sphynx from a member. I also adopted 2 other nakids.

please be sure to read the fraud tips link. saved me from heartache from the multitude of scammers out there on ads outside sphynxlair. never hesitate to PM me any ads you are looking at for an extra peek for red flags.

I wanted to share too as an option, I adopted a wonderful kuddly HCM scanned retiree from a reputable breeder. I never knew that was an option so wanted to share. we can PM reputable breeders in your area to see if they have a retiree wait list. this link also helped me come up with questions to ask when I was looking to adopt.

the sphynx info center is a great resource on sphynxlife we all refer to. never hesitate to ask questions.

ps, admin approves all new posts in adoption section and will be public view soon.
bless your heart to consider adoption in your babies honor.


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jan 10, 2011
Hi dougmatic,

This is not a recommendation but i just adopted a sweet 3 yr old Sphynx (maybe Sphynx\Devon Rex) from an individual on a site called Sphynx RescueMe. I haunted that site and others until Toni turned up. I was at a disadvantage because I don’t do social media like Facebook. Good luck. I never believed it would happen for us.