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Love my Cat Genie Litter Box


Oct 1, 2011
I just got the Cat Genie Auto Litter Box and can't say enough GREAT things about it. I've had it for one week and I love NOT ever ever having to clean or touch litter again.
I joined the new VIP program and it was cheaper! you pay for the machine and then they charge you once a month for supplies, awesome it's like layaway.

One thing i do have to say is it's Large, they said it would fit by toilets but i live in OLD military housing and nothing is fitting by our toilets. However it works great in our laundry room. I wanted to get two but since it won't fit beside our toilets I'll have to wait till we move again.

But I can't say enough about how great it is. I don't have to do anything! No cleaning the litter box ever again, no touching poop or litter. So far my 3 cats love it. Of course they like a clean potty every time ;)