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Magi's new collar


Aug 15, 2010
Magi was a birthday present for me, (9/8 is my birthday) And one of my friends from california couldn't pitch in when I rescued Magi so she desided to by a special collar with fur lining that wouldn't chaf Magi's neck.

We got it in the mail today, white leather with crome studs and neon green fur lining. It's pretty fun looking.
Magi agreed. She grabbed it from the box and walked around with it in her mouth, the buckle dangling and jingling as she proudly strutted around with her new prize as though she'd killed the animal herself!:LOL:
She was hard pressed she believe me that it didn't go in her mouth but she finally got it on and stayed in my lap for the remainer of the evening.
I have posted some pics of her in the new collar in my albums. They are not very good because my camera's broken so they are on my cell phone but you can see her pretty well. I didn't get it in time for the strutting.