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Milky & River


Apr 7, 2009
Hello everyone,

My fiance wanted a mountain lion or large bred Bengal cat, but could not find one in the area, and he also didn't want to deal with hair all over the house and our clothes. He did some research and came across the Sphynx breed. I have to admit I thought they were the ugliest and scariest cats i have ever seen. We searched online and in the newspaper for Sphynx's in our area but had no luck. After a few months his mom found a small add in one of the smaller newspapers. We immediately made an appointment to go check out the available kittens. When we arrived, we played with the kittens and met the kittens mother, sister, and grandmother. One of the older cats, (the kittens aunt), strolled in the room and was all over us. It was love at first sight! She jumped on my fiance's shoulder like she had known him for years. Luckily, she was available because the breeder tried to mate her but she never got pregnant.

We had Milky for about 3 years when we were considering getting another kitty. We were both out of the house the whole day and felt bad leaving her alone. We contemplated for a few months whether we should get another one or not, and had an opportunity to test another cat out... Milky's neice. The breeder was going out of state for a week and asked if we wanted to cat sit for her. So we took in her niece, and Milky did not get along with her that well. So, we thought maybe it wasnt such a good idea to get another one.

So, another few months went by and I still realllllyyy wanted another cat. I came across a sphynx breeder's website that was about an hour away from us. I saw the picture of River and he was just the cutest thing i have ever seen. My fiance called the breeder to get more info and she said someone else was going to check him out but she still hasn't sold him yet. We set up an appointment for that weekend to go meet him. He was so cute, he was on painkillers because he just had a vasectomy the day before. So he was very cuddly and fell asleep right in my arms. We knew he was for us. The breeder was selling River because he had a low sperm count... we always joke around that we got two defective cats.
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Feb 2, 2009
They are not defective just very very special! I bet they are much better than A mountain lion or bengal, the bengal looks too scary to me and my sister has A friend at work that has one and now can not trust it with her kids. I mean I have seen when lions attack but never when sphynx attack. Anyway that is A great story, and I love there names.:tinysmile_twink_t: