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Mother Teresa of cats


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Oct 16, 2010
I've been stumbling across this womans work now and then on the net and yesterday there was a video posted about her work on youtube.
This woman who is now sick is amazing in her devotion to helping strays and her life partner as well who helps out so much around the clock even though he is working full time.

See the video:
Replacement String:
Read about Martha Kane and her work if you want (quite long article but very inspiring):
timesofmalta.com - Catwoman and her superhuman efforts

Martha educates children to respect cats in schools etc to try to stop stray abuse and to give them a better status in society long term.
Martha Kane Educating Children

Last, her homepage where donations can be given, small or large. She answeres everyone with questions and thanks in person for donations. All through an amazing person:
Kitty Appeal

Sorry for an overwelming post (if you set out to watch and read it all) but I think this is a person worth some of our time and even some of our money.

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