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Mourning A Sphynx Is Challenging


Aug 26, 2023
Hi Sphynx Lair Members,

I’m Nadia and I’ve finally decided to create an account after lurking for years. I lost my sweet sphynx Wells suddenly to HCM on August 15 and I’ve felt so empty.

Having had an abundance of cats throughout my life, including handling the challenges of rescuing sick ones, I’ve become accustom to loosing them. But goodness—no one could have prepared me to the lose I felt after loosing Wells. He was only 7 years old of which I had him for 5 of those years.

I was privileged to be gifted him from his previous owner who began dating someone who was severely allergic to cats. I didn’t ask questions and instead gave him such a loving home. When I began dating my partner, Wells immediately fell in love with him. We have created an entire world of inside jokes that are a result of Wells’ personality and traits:
- Hot Tuna (his breath);
- Turn-a-and-drop-a (when he would turn in circles in our armpit before sitting down);
- Parker Pozy (when he would remain tucked in bed);
- Don’t mind if I do (How he would hunt bugs, he would go up and just eat a fly!);
- Do you wanna sit with MooOoMmmy or DaaaDDdddy? (When he would walk back and forth between us in bed);
- In and Out, In and Out (When he was indecisive about sleeping under the sheets and would come in and out of the sheets and walk all over us in the process);
- Oh He’s MaaaaAAD (When I would be cleaning late and he would follow me and try and encourage me to go to bed so he could get cozy); etc.

Pretty much, we have created an entire sub aspect of our life devoted to him and now we are having to amend our existence to exclude all of these habits. I used to jump into bed and put my arm into a circle for him to jump into my armpit and under the sheets. I did this for 5 years and it’s so weird having to stop.

He was an avid pram rider—often jumping into it and purring until we set off on a walk in the neighborhood. When I finally got the courage to walk out Nebelung in it last weekend, I had a neighbor stop to ask about Wells and I began crying. It’s been rough.

I’m so thankful for the existence of him in our lives, and for Bear and Pancake to keep us on our toes—but goodness I would give anything to bring him back.

I would love to bring another sphynx into our life but the sudden cardiac arrest because of symptomless HCM was absolutely traumatic. Wells was my first sphynx and because I was gifted him, I was a bit naive regarding some of the serious genetic health issues.

Questions for you, have you lost a sphynx to HCM and have you adopted a new buddy? Was that an easy transition? Are you scared of that occurring again?

I’m so ignorant to the adoption via breeders and such as well because he was gifted to me. I’d love your thoughts and recommendations. I had no clue how expensive they were! As I work for a nonprofit, can I get a non-profit discount (kidding!).

Thank you all for your advice and insight.

In memory of Wells (15 April 2016 - 15 August 2023)

- Nadia
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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@littlehalfbreed , Hi Nadia, oh my heart (((squeeze hugs to your family ))) I am so very sorry for your devastating loss of your bestie adorable Wells. my heart hurts for you. I share in the immeasurable hurt of great loss HCM so sudden. for me it was my first nakid, avatar pic, Yoda girl. she was barely 2 yrs old. Most recent my 9 yr old Yoda man.

I know Wells was blessed with the very best of love and care. He truly only knows your eternal love. Remember the love, soo much love. your eternal love leaps off the page with the photos and personality/traits. here for you.

"Replied the glorious cat, For I will whisper into their hearts That I am always with them I just am ....forever and ever and ever. "Author Unknown



lighting a candle for Wells.
bridge candle.jpeg
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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@littlehalfbreed , (((big hugs)))) to answer your questions.. yes, I have lost 2 suddenly to HCM, yes I did open my heart to love again and was a heartfelt transition, and was a bit nervous at first. I truly believe they send us the one(s) to love like they knew in this world.
I adopted 4 .

when my first sphynx Yoda got her angel wings suddenly saddle thrombosis embolism at barely age 2 my heart shattered, and I still get teary eyed at times.

I did adopt in her honor. I reached out to a reputable breeder and asked about an upcoming retiree list. well, my yoda girl sent me heart healer Claire Bare shortly there after. that was a decade ago and claire bare is still acting like a kitten no health issues to date.

I adopted a bonded pair from a member who was getting restationed in the military. Batman and Yoda. wow, I got goose bumps, my Yoda girl sent me a Yoda (man) to love in her honor. it was strange with the same name even! I figured it was meant to be and I kept his name.

The fourth adoptee (all within a few months of each other) was a near scam off a craigslist ad. closest breeder cat didnt know his name and was not told the real reason rehoming an 11 mos old. she said other cats picking on him.. no.. he was the baby brat lol I learned when I got him home. she did oblige when I asked her if she could get a current wellness check before I adopted him. she obliged and did a free coupon wellness check at local pet store vet, and emailed me copy dated, etc I called and confirmed.

all 4 did wonderful together, no vet visit for issues, was told Yodaman had a slight heartmurmur when he was 2. he lived to nearly 10 without ever an issue until he got his wings suddenly not long ago.

the other 3 are seniors now and living life with no health issues to date, acting like kittens. it was scary at first when I adopted and it was always in the back of my mind. then I remember how special it was to adopt in her honor and all the love they bring and I get a glimmer of her silly habits/traits in each and know she is here and spirit, same with my Yoda man.

please, read the fraud tips link, saved me from a lot of scammers heartache.

the reputable breeder thread great questions, and can check with reputable breeders for a wait list for a retiree.

Claire Bare retiree adoptee from very reputable breeder age 2 then , came fully vetted, HCM scanned, spayed, lots of extras and a hoot like I had her as a kitten. still in touch with her first mum on a regular basis.

biggest Hugs to your family , kisses to Bear and Pancake.
Wells will send you the one.
May love be what you remember most
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Jan 16, 2011
I totally understand…and have unfortunately have experience with loss. We lost 2 girls in the last year (the latest this past Spring) and I still have hard days. We have had 6 Sphynx in total over the years and every loss has left me profoundly sad. I still have moments I get teary…and I tell myself…I am blessed to have loved such amazing souls. When we have gotten kittens after our losses, I always reminded myself it is not a replacement, but an addition to the family. They are truly heart healers for us and the excitement of expecting a new baby makes for happier days. We are adding to the family at the end of this year and I find myself getting more and more excited. Yes, I fear the loss again…we have 2 boys right now and I can’t help but worry, it’s natural. The lifespan has dropped to 8-14 years and it makes me mad/sad, but I just can’t picture this amazing breed not being a part of my life. Researching breeders who heart scan their breeding cats is helpful, but not a guarantee. The best breeders are no longer free from it and will admit it.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss and thank you for reaching out and sharing your story with us. Many of us understand and are happy to place our hand on your back during these roughest days.

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V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 14, 2014
Hi Nadia, Im so sorry to hear you have lost your boy Wells. I understand exactly how you feel, reading your post sounds so very familiar.I lost my boy Wilson, who was 9 years old, in June( that's him on my avatar). He died suddenly in my arms from cardiac arrest due to HCM. He was a huge part of family life , so smart so loving and like you, Im feeling empty inside. Sometimes we are just blessed with a soul, human or otherwise , who comes along and is just, well, so special. I can understand your fears regarding getting another sphynx as the pain is still raw and HCM does seem to be a bane for this beautiful breed, although fortunately not for all of them .
Remember that they will live on in the love you feel and the happy memories, they will always be a part of you.
Like other members have suggested , if you do choose to adopt again, research your breeders and don't be afraid to ask questions. At the moment we cannot adopt again as Kiwi , our female sphynx really does not like anything else with four legs( and sometimes even with two!) but having said that I can see how adopting again can help heal and bring happiness .
Sending you heartfelt hugs