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Multi-Sphynx cat homes and litter boxes


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Jan 13, 2009
If you have a "multi-Sphynx cat home" especially if you have acquired a "newer" or "older" sphynx kitty and find that suddenly one of your companions is peeing outside the litter box you will probably stand scratching your head and wondering to your self "hmmm, he or she did not do this before, why now?"

Well, first things first, you need to see your vet and rule out a medical problem like a UTI (urinary tract infection) once it is confirmed that your sphynx kitty is healthy you need to find if the problem may be another existing cat resident issue perhaps.

First off, you should have the same number of boxes as you have Sphynx cats, sometime even more. It is also very important to strategically place the litter boxes throughout the house and not have them all lined up in one room or area sometimes.

Be sure they are in satisfactory places, NOT near the food and water dishes. Be sure the litter boxes are not placed in cold rooms, hard to get to spots (obstacle course), or near noisy washing machines or loud heaters or boilers that become warm or hot and make the smell more prominent, it can deter the cat from using the box. Also, a lot of cats like softer, finer litters.

If the cat is pooping in one particular room, as long as its not the room with a litter box, put a room deodorizer with a flowery or citrus smell, cats dislike those types of fragrances. If it he is pooping in just one spot of a room, put a welcome matt or some type of matt, bottom side up with the prickly material exposed. They don't like strange discomforting objects touching their paws and will stay clear of that spot.

Again, if it's in a particular spot, put a food dish their for awhile, they generally will not eat wear they poo.

If the litter box with hood are not being used, take the hoods off, perhaps vice versa as well. Some cats like privacy, some don't. Try 1 or 2 more boxes downstairs, believe it or not, some cats like poop in one box and pee in the other. Be sure you have tried a softer litter with minimal smell and dust.

A newer sphynx resident may not feel comfortable crossing the path of the existing cat resident. This could result in the new guys or gal cat holding his or her urine for a long period time thus causing him or her to urinate outside of the box in an area where he or she feels safer.

Some existing resident cats can intimidate the new guy by displaying an almost guarding like behavior in the litter box area, so by using this information you may stop or deter either the new resident sphynx cat from "peeing outside of the box" behavior which can be smelly and messy and hard to control if let go too long!
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