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My Dog Ollie


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Dec 2, 2009
I wrote this for my son. I thought you guys would enjoy it also:Laugh:


Ollie is my dog. He is A Borzoi.
Mom says dogs like Ollie used to hunt wolves a long time ago.
I don't know about that.
One time a big dog barked at Ollie. He got really scared, and hid behind me!
I don't care if Ollie won't hunt wolves.
I love him because he is my dog.

Ollie likes to go on adventures. We go to the park.
I play on the slides, and Ollie runs and runs in big circles.
Mom says that dogs like Ollie need lots of exercise.
I don't know about that.
When we get home, Ollie is always tired.
He sleeps and I lay on him like a furry pillow to watch TV.
I don't care if Ollie is lazy.
He is my dog, and I love him

Ollie is tall and thin. He is almost as tall as me! He has a very long nose, and
lots of soft, warm fur. When my hands are cold, I put them in Ollie's fur. He is
always warm.
Mom says that dogs like Ollie are graceful
I don't know about that.
Last night, Ollie stretched out on my floor and got stuck under my bed. We could
only see his legs sticking out! Daddy had to pick up my bed, so Ollie could get
out! Daddy called Ollie clumsy. But you know what? I love him anyway.

Ollie is not brave. Ollie is lazy. Ollie is not graceful.
Mom says that she and Daddy love me just the way I am.
I know ALL about that.
I love Ollie just the way he is! <3