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My invention

Anita Eccleston

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 26, 2017
hiya everyone we had the thread whereas i said i needed to mash my cleo poultry sachets as she tended to lick away the gravy or jelly so i invented this to make my life easier ah what do you think about it. ??

Now this is my second one i have made funny story ..
i have a carer called chelsea she comes in 9-3 monday to friday . My kitty masher went missing i asked chelsea had she seen it this is how the convo took place
Chelsea love have you seen a bent fork i used to mash cleo and bagins food ?
She flushed up and said oh yeah i straightened it and put it back into the knife and fork draw .. we had a giggle i mean throw it way thinking one of the boys had done it but to make it straight agsin and put back into the draw really made me laugh
So this is my prototype number 2 what do you think ?