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NE Florida/SE Georgia Vet


Mar 8, 2014
After dealing with a disaster of a vet for my first cat, I knew I needed a different vet for both my hairball and my sphynx. On a recommendation, I brought them to a vet in Jacksonville - where I was told that my sphynx had a raging heart murmur and would need to see a cardiologist (she hadn't shown anything throughout her kitten appointments, and all of her lineage is scanned annually for heart issues - and to this day shows negative - so you can imagine my surprise!). I contacted several veterinary hospitals near me, and loved the response I got from Nassau Vet Hospital (some of the placed never even returned my calls/e-mails!) We've been going there ever since - the vets and staff have all been wonderful! I live in NE Florida, but the GA border is an exit or two up the interstate (even if I moved, I'd still bring my girl back for her cardiology appointments and non-emergency care!). Their website is http://nassauvethospital.com/