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Sep 8, 2013
Hello all, just wondered if anyone can help, I have read a couple of posts regarding 'blackheads' but thaught as i have 2 problems I would post here.

firstly our sphynx Cecil is about half a year old and he has two problems. The first being a servere case of blackheads.. and Im not just talking blackheads or your typical size ones these are very large ones andwhite heads also. any where you lightly touch or squease oozes and i mean really ooozes black and white gunk, i have never seen such large amounts of gunk come out of anything. its all over his lips and his chin. i admit i have sqeased it before because its so bad (he has no problems with letting me do this) but i do feel quite bad indoing so and have just left it and today one of them had gotten so bad and swollen and he seemed to be scratching at it. So i got him down and bathed it with hot salty water and squeased the gunk out and there was an unholy amount that came out. I just want to know your advise really on how to get this under control and if he may have to be seen by a vet... Im just scared the spots may get infected. He eats buscuits reguarly through the day and then 1/3rd of a pouch of wet food for dinner mixed with busicuits( the pouch is split 3 ways between our 3 sphynxcats) and he eats from a ceramic dish.

which brings me on to my next problem with cecil which may infact be part of the reason why the 1st has arisen... since we braught him home, he has become extreamly attatched to me and really needy in the sence he has a sucking problem. He is forever suckling at my skin. The sheer panic on his face when he cant see flesh to suckle is unreal. when he was little it was kind of alloud as we realised that the people that we got him from lied about his age and he was taken away from his mother way to soon...extreamly bad breeders they turned out to be (some of the litter was born with no eyes) ...should be illegal people breeding like that. any way back to my point...as he has gotten older we have been trying to deter him from the padding and suckling as it can get sharp with the caws and he can give me spots... but he always finds a way! I sometimes wake up to him suckling on my face!! I need help to deter him! any advice please!

Hope your cats are all well


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Jan 16, 2011
I would recommend a stash of baby wipes close by and wipe down the area after they eat. Some are just more prone to black heads. I know they are gross, but it comes with the hairlessness.

Perhaps find a snuggly toy so when it comes to "suckling time you can maybe try to redirect the energy toward the toy rather than you.



V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Aug 22, 2012
Well Fuzzy has little blackheads on the top of his head... at least I think there blackheads because he head is black. They don't bother him when I squeeze them and once I do squeeze them they tend to go away with in a day or so. Not that his helps you much but wanted to let you know I am in the same boat when it comes to kitty zits.


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Jul 15, 2012
Mine don't have blackheads but I had a hairless Chinese Crested who did. I used to wash those areas with a facial wash made for blackheads for humans, one with salicylic acid in it. I also used to use witch hazel on the areas.

My sphynxies had the worst suckling habit. They would become almost frantic if they couldn't get some skin. I tried to redirect them and even made a blanket with baby pet nipples sticking out of it. No go. They finally grew out of it before they turned 1 yrs old. Maybe he can just stuck on your hand?