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Need help! My Sphynx are pooping everywhere


Jan 7, 2014
I have two Sphynx left after losing our other ones to heart issues. These two left are pooping everywhere. In my bed, in my tub on my carpet in my sink and on my windowsill and on my nightstand. I am at a loss. especially since I have two clean litter. boxes. My other Sphynx never did this. My kids want me to put them to sleep but its difficult after watching two put down because they couldn't breathe because their lungs filled up with water and was suffering. Why do they do this and what can I do to fix this problem? Has anyone here have the same issue with a Sphynx? I have to keep them isolated in my bedroom or they will poop in the kitchen and everywhere else in my house.

Please help. I am desperate. If I don't get a fix for this, I will have no choice other than. to put them in a kennel and I never put my pets in a kennel. I can't put them to sleep. I have a heart and I tolerate this behavior instead of putting them to sleep because I love them.

Many thanks.'



Feb 21, 2017
Have these 2 sphynx that are left been living with the 2 that passed, or are they new to the family?
-You might want to buy a spray called anti icky poo (my vet sells it but can get it online) to spray the areas they went, as they will continue going in the same spots as they can smell that they've went their before, even if you clean the area well and you can't smell it, they can. My cat once pooped on the floor near his box, & even after cleaning with bleach continued to go their until I sprayed with anti icky poo. * you spray it on area and leave it to dry, & I do this at least twice.
- When they go outside the liter box, I would put their poo in their liter box
-there is a kitty liter that's supposed to encourage cats to use the box. If I recall the name I will post it. They sold it at my pet store.
-Feliway for cats is a thing you plug in a receptacle that releases something that's supposed to calm cats - I would buy a couple & plug them into the 2 rooms the cats are in the most. *they are bit pricey, maybe $30 a piece and last a month


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Jul 24, 2014
They may be stressed from the loss of the other two ..
The suggestions above are where I would have started as well.
A different style of littler box helped my Elfie out when I brought her home.

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@Catz1215 , thank you for reaching out . We all come together to help in anyway

Definitely recommend the "anti icky poo " - the unscented in the purple label . I got it just in case when adopted kitties . I actually add it to laundry for pet bedding .
My vets office sells it , avail online too

My boys are tall and prefer a large litter box .
They like the catit jumbo box that's lod folds back for easy scooping amd the good pet stuff large round litter box ( I do not use the decorative moss it comes with )

Type of litter boxes? Mechanical? May be afraid of ?
Do the litter boxes have those door flaps ? I alway remove the door flaps .
Are they perhaps seeing or sensing an outside kitty thru Windows causing stress?
(My kitties were going nuts last year and I couldn't figure it out - until I heard slight meowing in my attic ! A feral kitten crawled in my attic thru the roof vent -
Trapped and took to non killer shelter ) just wanted to share to look beyond the obvious thst may be a stressor .

The link Patti give is a good one .

My heart goes out to you doing everything possible to correct the behavior .

My moms kitty went outside the box - we switched her kitty to dr elseys unscented amd Viola problem solved - we were at elite end try on to figure it out . We also removed the plastic liner my mom was using . When washing boxes watch chemicals do you use a. Perhaps they don't like the scent of the product ?
I use plain dawn antibacterial to wash kitty boxes

There has to be a trigger for this behavior .

You can also train like a dog -
Keep a treat jar by the boxes - as they exit praise and immediately put s treat down in front of the litter box - I did this many many years ago with a Bengal . Omce the good behavior was reinforced I give random treats for his lifetime .

All paws crossed for solutions
Following closely for updates

Anti Icky Poo Unscented Gallon here is there site with various products

Anti-Icky-Poo is recommended by veterinarians more than any other product


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Apr 6, 2015
I'd strongly recommend trying to change the litter before taking more drastic steps. I used to use the Fresh Step crystal litter and while I loved it due to the odor control and lower weight, Oliver apparently didn't appreciate it. He'd urinate outside the box often. Not everywhere in the apartment, but directly outside the box. Since I still had two cats at the time, it took me a while (and setting up a camera) to figure out who the culprit was. Once I changed to an unscented light-weight scoopable clay litter, the issue was solved.

Condo commando

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Apr 7, 2014
I had this happen with a cat that had some infection. She would try to poop everywhere but it was constant so barely anything would come out. She would squat, leave a little bit, then walk a few feet away and try again. She needed meds to clear the infection.