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New Momma With Questions


Oct 8, 2018
I've had Genevieve for two months and she doesn't look oily so I have only attempted to give her a bath once. Is this common? With it being winter, I don't want
to give her a bath for fear of drying out her skin if not necessary. Another question is I have used a small amount of coconut oil to loosen the oil in her ears. I put it on the end of the Qtip before putting it in her ear. Do you think this is okay. Lastly, has anyone had allergies in their little babies? Genevieve has been on antibiotics the entire time I've had her and the sneezing with copious amounts of mucus has not abated. I am starting to wonder if it is allergies. I currently feed her Blue Buffalo grain free food both wet and dry. To balance her stomach, I give her a hearty teaspoon of Greek yogurt each day.

Thank you in advance for answering all my questions. The amount of knowledge here is truly amazing and very comforting.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Genevieve723 What name antibiotics ? Some work better than others with sphynx
Others more experienced with coconut oil can chime in .
I omly use Trizultra with Keto to clean ears amd it can be used om skin too .
My vet got me hooked on it years ago for ears

I actually took my first sphynx off Blue - just didn't work for her .every kitty is different .
,any of use dont overbath and go a month plus with wipe downs in between .
I squirt a teenie bit of Hylyt shampoo in a pitcher of warm water amd baby face clothes for in between spa days . The baby wipes didn't work as well for my wrinkly girl

My crew is all on actually grain inclusive Nutrisource cat and kitten dry kibble (no recalls touted for gut health . Not sold in stores . I can feed and go no poo or skin issues .
Cat & Kitten Chicken Meal, Salmon & Liver Cat Food - NutriSource Pet Foods
The same company makes a grain free pure vita - a member has good results with the pure vita duck

Food can be tricky to find what works best -

Following closely
Head smooches sent