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non spynx rescue - Ottawa Ontario - free black fluffy kitty / cat

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Oct 18, 2010
hi everyone, i am here in ottawa ontario canada.
i'm at work the other day and i see about 5 little blak cats scamper across our yard here! so i did some canvasing around here at at neigbouring buinsesses and found out that there is a huge family of about 11 ferel cats in our business park!

one business does take care of them somewhat, they feed them occasionally and give them de-worming pills every few months on their own tab.

anyways there is one kitten that is young enough to be put in a home, but he doesn't look like he's too young either, so i don't think taking it away to early from mom will be an issue.

anyways the owner of the business says he wants to try and get the cat into a good home the only stipulatuion is that you have to get them spayed or neutered... for obvious reasons of over population etc.

so if you are in the area, and would like a free kitty pm me and we can work something out! the only thing i don't know about is temperment, i met the cat and it seems gentil enough now but the longer it's ferel i think the more agressive they can get.

Not open for further replies.