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Not Wedding pics... but pics


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Mar 8, 2009
Here are some pics we had done for our photo guestbook;

ok... they only way it would work was with thumbnails.


  • star vision 1_755x600.jpg
    star vision 1_755x600.jpg
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Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Mar 8, 2009
They look great! How many more days?
Oh and how is your mini zoo doing? we have not gotten any stories latley:BigSmile:

Thanks everyone! I think it is like 56 more days. The mini zoo is good! Kramers herpes got really bad at one point took him to a specialist .... $500 later he is great. They put him on Famvir which is the only human herpes drug approved for cats & it works fabulously! DOWNSIDE is it is $8 per pill. I have a super cool family dr. so he wrote me a script for it in my name so now it is just $5/ month. Newman still doesn't meow.... just squeaks! I guess that is just him. But besides dogs falling in the hot tub.... nothing to randomly off the wall has happened! We just finished the Tiki bar yesterday so not it is just the finishing touches with that & then i will post some pics of that. We have the shower this weekend, so it will probably be a hectic weekend!


Staff member
Feb 2, 2009
Yes Tiki Bar pics please!
Last week my father actually brought some plans over for a tiki bar, told him to go for it, but we have to wait a bit we have to many projects going on at once now. Daugters room done but needs to be painted, we ripped the upstairs bathroom apart down to the beams and that is almost done, just needs some sanding and paint, sun room still has no floor:Angry: yard needs to be mulches and holes filled in from crazy puppy,that is pushing her luck.
Hmm I guess Ticki bar will go on next years list.