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Our catch/save of the day


Apr 27, 2010
I decided that I had worked entirely too much lately so I decieded to play sick and go fishing with some friends. While we were fishing, we saw this duck that kept swimming by doing weird things with its mouth. I noticed that it had fishing line hanging out of its mouth and it was trying really hard to get it out. We though of how we were going to catch this thing and help it but we couldnt get her close enough. one of the guys grabbed an extra pole and said ill catch her. We laughed and said how are you going to do that "with a noose" he said. :Surprise::Surprise: WHAT?? how the he** are you going to do this. Watch he said.....We through some sun flower seeds out and she came close and she stepped right in then noose. He grabbed the pole and reeled her in :Surprise: My other buddy grabbed a hold of her and all we could laugh at the fact that she was going to bite him so hard. He was so sweet when he grabbed her and was talking so sweet to her. She never turned around and bit him at all. In fact she never but him until he stuck his fingers in her mouth. We calmed her down and started trying to figure out what was wrong and we couldnt see a hook at all. They held her mouth open and I tried to mess with the fishing line and we decided the best we could do was cut it. So I tried to cut it as close to her throat as possible and I managed to get the hook loose and cut the line. We took some pictures and my buddy talked sweet to her some more and then let her free. She was so thankful other than us getting our germs on her :Woo::Woo::Woo:. When they were cleaning the fish she was eating all the "stuff" with no problem. We were proud of ourselves !!!


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May 13, 2010
What a great story about a wonderful deed. I'm so glad you and your friends were able to help. You should definitely take a sick day more often.