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Pathological Mastermind XD


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Mar 28, 2018
***This is satirical portrayal of events which occurred today. For added entertainment, pour yourself a glass of wine, and drink every time you come across the word Q-Tip! :p

I have definitive proof that cats, specifically my Kenzo, are pathelogical masterminds... Villains plotting to take other the world! o_O

Background Info: My yorkie, Brodie aka Lil Bro, has an addiction to q-tips. Doesn’t matter if they are used or fresh out of the box, he will quickly gobble up any and all q-tips he can get his grubby little paws on! On multiple occasions, he has passed 3-4 of them in one BM. For this reason, we are always extra careful to make sure all q-tips are put away and out of reach.

Flash forward to today... I’m sitting at my vanity doing my makeup. I open the jar in which we keep all our fresh q-tips in. At this time, Kenzo, who was curled on my lap, jumps onto my vanity, and proceeds to paw and pull q-tips from the jar. He then walks to the opposite edge of the vanity, and drops the contraband q-tips onto the floor, directly at the feet of a delighted Bro, who rapidly tries to ingest them whole! As I wrestle to pry a half-swallowed cotton swab from the petite, clenched jaws of an agitated teacup pup, Kenzo has continued to drop dozens more over the side! Brodie scampers to consume them with voracious vigor, while I desperately try to grab each one before they are inhaled! Finally, I manage to collect all stray q-tips and lid the jar. Devilish Kenzo, now bored in his defeat, slinks off to create chaos elsewhere.
I am unsure how many cotton swabs were eaten, if any at all. However, like most things in life, these too shall pass. ;) More concerning is my cat’s blatant attempt at sabotage! Poor, naive Brodie is none-the-wiser. :sneaky: