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Poop Problems Finally Fixed!!!


Oct 10, 2016
I just wanted to create a thread to share with everyone how my sphynx poop problems have finally been fixed! After trying tons of different expensive high end foods with no success I figured that maybe extremely awful smelly poop and sometimes mushy poop was just normal for sphynx since I see that on here so much. So then I decided I needed to explore trying different litter brands, litter deoterizer, more enclosed litter boxes, ect. Nothing ever worked. Until my mom convinced me to try one more food switch. I really didn't want to go through switching food again but she insisted I try and thank god I did because no more horribly smelly or mushy poop anymore!!!

She had me try Halo brand cat food. She bought the weight management white fish dry food formula. I was mind blown when all the issues I had magically went away after switching to this food. The litter box will smell right when they poop but then the smell goes away and no mushy poop! I can go a week now without changing the litter box! I could defiantly go longer than a week with no smell problems but I just prefer to clean it after a week. I also live in a small college apartment so the fact that I can go that long with my litter box basically in my family room is unbelievable.

Yes I know people will tell me I should feed my cats raw or feed them wet food but as a college student who also works, dry food is the best option for me right now and for those people who also are not able to try things like a raw diet and or prefer dry food I really wanted to share this with you guys.
I have actually never written a review type of message for any product I have ever used in my life but I really wanted to share this with everyone. I'm just so mind blown how this food fixed all poop problems iv had since getting a sphynx.

If you take a look at Halo website you actually find out that they really focus on digestion and pets not having poop problems which I didn't know before trying the brand. Also they say if you try the food for 14 days and it hasn't helped or you don't like it then it's FREE! So there really is no downside to giving it a try.

Hairless Blessing

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Nov 9, 2010
I'm glad you found something that
took care of the problem.
I say if it works, don't mess with it.
Just keep the water away from the food
they will drink more water.
Just show them where it is when you
move it. I mean they are smart.
They would find it, but, it's best to just
show them.

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@Kelly300514 , thank you for the update! Yah!
I used to feed halo sensitive stomach

I went to their site and see all new packaging and formula changes from when I used to feed it

Do you have a pic of the bag for members to see of halo whitefish thst is working for poo issues ?
Is it the salmon and whitefish?
Dry Food / Halo / Food / Cat - Free Shipping at Chewy.com

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Nov 11, 2017
This was a great thread. I was wondering about the nutritional benefits of salmon and whitefish as I fish regularly for my family.