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Problems when changing food


Nov 3, 2015
Did anyone have problems of vomitting and diarrhea when changing from one type of food to another? I did not know that i had to change the diet slowly and i changed it immediately..will my sphynx get used to the new diet or shall it resume to the old diet? Thanks

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Nakita , I had to do a hard quick switch after a recall - so I just kept on it since the old food as no good-
I know you mentioned raw feeding before and got a bacterial infection so I would not go back to that-
I am not familiar with the princess food line in the US
I know some of us use a teaspoon or so of 100% pure canned pumpkin , not the pie filling with extra ingredients- you can ask your vet about and see if avail in your area

My vet gave my kitty metronidazole and cerenia when my kitty had issues

Hoping someone can chime in about foods avail in your area-
I have read sometimes foods with high protein can cause poo issues and some ingredients like chicken can be sensitive for Sphynx- all 4 of mine do fine on a chicken grain inclusive food - dr Tim's Chase kibble -
I know is sold in other markets

Too much food switching can cause problems - I would give you vet a call and ask for suggestions-
Too much vomiting amd diarrhea not good-cam lewd to dehydration-
Had kitty been testes for parasites like Tritrichomonas? Giardia? Pcr test? Etc

is your kitty on meds from the bacterial infection? Which can take a little time to clear up

All paws crossed you get some answers and relief for your kitty

Please keep us updated -