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Raw Diet vs Premium Kibble


Jan 1, 2023
Hi everyone,

I know diet can be a sensitive subject and I am posting because I am truly torn on what diet is best for my naked baby. I am also curious to what everyone thinks and why?

Recently my 11m old naked baby got sick. The only change was that we added premium baked kibble (Honest Kitchen Baked Clusters) to his diet and only at night. He was eating it for at least a week with his normal raw diet but one morning he vomited after eating his raw food. After a few days of vomiting and long naps he is feeling better.

I have only been feeding baked chicken for easy digestion with water for the past 3 days. Thankfully the vomiting and lethargy is gone! This morning he refused everything but the raw mixed with the chicken (small batch slider - chicken -) It's really nice to see him eating but the vet advised against it and said it's from his raw food. I did take him in and he got a antiemtic injection for the vomiting a few days prior..
A little background; He has been eating raw since I got him at 4 months and has thrived! I just don't know what's best anymore because I don't want him to get sick.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this!


Staff member
Jan 16, 2011
Cats can develop allergies at any point in their life just like people so it can be frustrating. Chicken is one of the biggest issues we see when it comes to allergies. I suggest looking up limited ingredient foods where the primary protein is not chicken. Raw is not the best option for some, so don’t beat yourself up…the rule of thumb is feeding them the highest quality food you can afford and they like/tolerate. I feed Wellness grain free wet and dry.

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Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@LandSharkElf , hugs n head smooches to you and Mako.

I feed what works for my crew. echoing catzzzmeows reply.
mine are all seniors now, been on nutrisource cat and kitten food (no recalls , touted for gut health and palatability) for many years. mine hated so many canned foods, high end wet and dry.

my one adoptee had a uti when I got him. he hated the hills c/d from the vet. so got some proplan urinary focus canned. I wasnt crazy about the ingredients. but.. feeding what works. ( I had a rottie on nothing but proplan in the 80s and he lived well into 13 yrs no issues. my vet now still feeds her show dogs proplan when I asked what she fed) so I gave proplan urinary focus whitefish and the gravy chicken for cats a try for my kittles.

never a vet visit for skin or poo issue with my now senior crew of sphynx and one senior bengal with IBD. . all doing great, all seniors.

each kitty is different. feed what works for your sweet Mako. keep us updated!

I tried raw but Batman ran away in disgust tail twitching complaining lol. he is my dry food addict. so he gets nutrisource along with a bowl of hills urinary hairball. he will be 13 in September and doing great.
I personally opted to not do raw with living in a hurricane state, logistics for supply/storing, evacuations. trying to keep it simple and feed what works for my crew.

hugs n head smooches