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Recommendation for a Vet in Hamilton, ON Canada


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Jan 8, 2018
Good morning, I would like to recommend Dr. Ervin Harxhi at Stone Church Animal Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.

I had a wonderful experience with my sphynx here, right off the bat he started by asking us if we had any questions for him before he even started his exam with our baby (which of course being a crazy sphynx lady now I had a few). He gladly answered all of them with patience!

  • He has a few other clients with sphynx so he has experience with the breed
  • When we brought up the topic of no ketamine for Yoda's upcoming neuter he stated right away that he agreed it is not a good drug, that he stopped using it in his practice 7 years ago!
  • They use Isoprofol as well as Isoflurance gas during the procedure
  • He does not perform declawing surgery at all, he believes its unethical
  • He was knowledgeable with raw diet as that's what we feed (asked me if I'm supplementing taurine)
  • They offer in house blood work for only $80, with results in only 20 minutes
  • We brought up HCM scanning, and he mentioned Guelph is a great option for this, as well as a doctor he knows that I believe comes to his clinic that does the echo-cardiograms!
I was concerned about Yoda not eating all day as they said that cats usually do not eat after the procedure as they're usually out of it after waking up from anesthesia, but he told me if I felt more comfortable bringing in some food for him I was more than welcome! I really liked this as the other clinics I called told me I was not allowed to bring in Yoda's raw food that it would contaminate their facility, and they would be feeding him kibble (great way to upset his stomach with a new food after surgery):shifty:. They even called me the next day to see how he was doing after just a pre-surgical exam! I was extremely nervous about the whole neuter but I feel much more at ease since I trust he will be in good hands. :happy: Everyone at the clinic absolutely adored Yoda, and Dr. Ervin politely asked me if he could take some pictures of him as well! Highly recommended.