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Recommending a vet in Modesto, CA


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Sep 2, 2012
Dr. Drew Waymire at Banfield in Modesto, Ca is one of the best vets we have ever been to. He absolutely loves cats and he even has one at home. He is very understanding with concerns, takes time to answer any and all emails, and even takes time between appointments to say hi to his patients if they are in the store. He has worked with Pippin to gain her self confidence back, and even gives her treats and attention outside of appointments so she knows the vet is a safe place. One of the only vets we have ever been to that puts the baby first instead of money. In the past year with just our furry we spent $2000+ on just her because of hepatic lipidosis or liver failure, if we had to do it over again we would have taken her to him first. Pip is his first Sphynx and he actually took the time to do the research on the breed before he saw her for the first time. He is definitely Pip approved!(y) pip and dr drew.jpg