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Reference Library for Cat Psychology and Communication


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Dec 19, 2010
Hail Lairians.
I was giving some advice about particular books to reference to another member the other day and then I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite books that have really helped me out with understanding cat psychology and communication. I really got into it when I was rehabilitating my very beloved peterbald, Loki. He was a successful transformation from a neglected, human untrusting cat to the cat that everyone wanted to take home with them when they left my house.

The first six books are all from Pam Johnson-Bennet. They are great and very useful. There is a bit of over lapping info in a few but I learned so much from all of them. The only one I don't own is her cat primer called Think Like A Cat. It is very basic and I feel Jackson Galaxy's Total Cat Mojo is more useful.

The second set is Jackson Galaxy's books. There are great little nuggets of info in his memoir Cat Daddy. There are two Catification books and they give good ideas for how to spruce up your space. Even if you are on a budget there are plans to use and modify for your home. I love Total Cat Mojo. It is a good primer with advanced techniques for handling and communicating with cats. Totally a new way for thinking about rehabbing felines. I digitally recorded the first three episodes of My Cat From Hell because I thought the show would get cancelled. I still have the DVD we made of it with all the commercials. These are great episodes because the show was not down to a formula and you could see much more of his process.

In the third set of books two are massage technique manuals. They are both good and teach basic to more advanced massage specific to felines. I have used these for years. Wolfgang as become my new subject and he demands his small massage sessions at night. Cat Mind, Cat Body is a bit more metaphysical but I really liked being able to get out of my head and into a feline state of mind.

The fourth set starts with Outsmarting Cats. It is a bit of training and psychologist. Good information but I cherry picked certain techniques to use in my home. How To Be A Cat Detective is a bit more of case studies and action plans for changing behavior. I like case studies because sometimes you find a problem and the case study you can fall back on to have a starting point to start an action plan for change.

Animals make us Human has a whole chapter on cats. I really reccomend you read at least this chapter. Super insightful. She is a great author and a very interesting human if you have never heard of Temple Grandin.

The last book is The Trainable Cat. Is is a very awesome book. It has ideas on training, communication and psychology. It talks about the difference between the language we have with our cat and cat to cat communication. There also is subtle differences between cats who grow up in different communities and how they are taught cat to cat communication from they mothers or community members. There was a three part companion series from BBC called the Secret Life Of The Cat. If you can find it it was very good. They studied cat territories with GPS collars, cat communication and other things for over a year in a town in England.

Hope this helps out. If you have other books you love please add them to this post. Thanks
Oh, and lastly a pic of my beloved Loki. He is in heaven now but my inspiration for taking in second hand sphynx. All four of current sphynx are in their second or third home. And out if the nine naked cats I have had in my life seven were second hand.