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Rehoming Sphynx- New York City

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Emily T

Apr 29, 2018
Hi all,

It's with a breaking heart that I am trying to find a new home for my male donskoy sphynx, Tigger. I am moving overseas and unfortunately cannot take him with me.

Tigger is six years old and in perfect health. He is extremely bright and affectionate, requiring a healthy amount of attention and cuddles. He has gotten along famously with every cat he's ever met, but has never shared a space with a canine. He has always been an indoor cat, but enjoys spending time in a yard on a leash. He takes car rides and travel like a champ. Tigger is not fixed.

I am located in New York City, and will NOT fly him anywhere. I'd like to meet his new owner in person to ensure the fit is right. I am asking a $250 rehoming fee, simply to ensure to new owners take cat parenting seriously.

If interested, Tigger can come with all his existing gear- a foldable carrying case, a red modcat litter box, a handful of shirts and jackets, his harness and leash, and treats, food and extra litter.

Please message me with information about yourself if interested. I am eager to find him a wonderful forever home. Happy to send more photos.

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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Emily T ((hugs))) for your heart felt decision.
Tigger is so handsome
You found the purrfect place to meet caring loving members to interview .

Please note the rehoming fee is $250 or less
@admin will review amd chime in

All paws crossed for the purrfect forever home .
Stay Positive - I adopted two sphynx from a couple who had to move overseas

Please keep us updated often
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