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Respect and consideration on the site....


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Jan 13, 2009
I would like to reiterate on the rules that must be followed on Sphynxlair which are clearly stated and agreed to from each member upon signing up. There shall be no bashing, and bad mouthing members, breeders or advertisers for what ever reasons they may be. If you have useful information that is "fact" about a poor breeder or an unfortunate incident with a breeder, please kindly inform a potential buyer privately. And please be sure it is "fact" not rumor. these rules should include posts, threads and Pm's (private messaging). This site was built and became successful with kind friendly people who enjoy sharing and loving our breed of cat, and who could gather in one place to talk Sphynx, unlike any other site on the web. Remember a lot of our members are new, and are inexperienced with their new sphynx and there are some knowledgeable people on here, which I respect and enjoy, that they look up to, that give useful information, but must be careful, kind and courteous when relaying your messages to our new members. If you make a new member feel they have made wrong decisions or are not doing something to your standards, it's ok to give your opinion or advice but please do it in a kind, friendly manor. If you decide to break the rules which you agreed to with, bashing, bad mouthing via posts, threads or Pm's on Sphynxlair you will be suspended immediately from the site at the minimal! We at Sphynxlair have worked hard to create a friendly, kind professional site and would like to keep it that way. The name of the game here is to "acquire" new sphynx lovers, not loose them! If you as a member are being harassed on this site in any way, or some one makes you feel uncomfortable you can PM me or email me, and it will be strictly confidential! If you have questions or concerns on this post please email me at [email protected]
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