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Rules for this area!

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Jan 13, 2009
* All posts in this section are moderated. Please do not post the same threads more than once. We will approve your post within 2 days. Sphynxlair only approves rescue or sphynx for adoption under two circumstances:

  1. FREE to good home.
    *$250.00 - or less adoption fee.
There are no exceptions- If your sphynx is not free to a good home or you want an adoption fee for more than $250.00, we apologize but it will not be approved.

Thank you!

This area is for a Sphynx cats or kittens in need of rescue or re-home. Please leave all information required for a potential person interested in a rescued or adoptable Sphynx. We also will close threads after a certain period of time. If you feel a thread needs to remain open please contact us admin@sphynxlair.com


*Sphynxlair will only allow rescues listed as non-profit 501(c)(3) to post as a Rescue Agency

* Sphynxlair may remove any rescue regardless of non profit status

Craigslist Ads or other Pet classified type ads are prohibited on Sphynxlair.

If you are looking for a Sphynx in need of rescue in your area you can also post your info here-please do not post phone numbers or your address. An email is fine.

Your ad must include:
Any additional info. about the cat the new owner should know.
The price you are asking or that it is free to a good home.

Please only post a sphynx that you own, do not post links to ads you have found on the internet as we do not have permission to post something that did not come from the owner.
Any questions please contact us at admin@sphynxlair.com

Thank you,

-The Sphynx lair team
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