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scratching dogs

Lisa Katz

Jan 15, 2021
My 3 little dogs are scratching themselves a lot. I think it is flea season. I gave them the flea Rx that one puts on the neck, and within a few days, the oral one as well. They still itch, regardless. Are we having a bad flea season? I don't see any fleas. They seem quite content, despite the fact that I don't like to see them scratch. I have given all 3 baths and brushed them well. I'm not sure if I'm just overly watching them because I don't leave the house much anymore, or if this really is becoming a thing.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Lisa Katz be very careful giving topicals and orals at the same time.. they have certain time frames to give , I I would be afraid of overdosing/reaction . I would update their vet.

it is flea season all year here. what products are you using? I know bullies can have sensitive skin.
my rottie has had skin issues in the past. my go to is a trizchlor shampoo mixed with hylyt shampoo. some vets may recommend malaseb shampoo.

you probably need to wait before giving any more flea products. I would talk with your vet.

I will share, I use frontline GOLD, (not plus)., on all 4 dogs. including on my diabetic rottie and my epileptic rottie and aussies. no reactions to date, using it for years but honestly I only apply every 2-3 months, it is a topical that goes from neck to tail. no fleas or ticks using it here. dogs can have individual reactions to any products. I personally hate using them. ( some I know using "wondercide" spray. with 4 pups I could not afford it and think it needs to be applied everytime they go out.)

what products are you using? any history of hot spots? change of food?

I love hylyt shampoo for my sphynx and pups, it is soap free, easy rinse,