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Self cleaning Liter?


Oct 14, 2022
Hi to all my Sphynx family!

I’ve been so curious about investing in the self cleaning liter? Has anyone tried it yet? Is it any good ? Also what type of liter is recommended. I love this blog because I’ve been researching all morning in our blogs about what liter is best for our sphynx babies! Oh and by the way I just adopted a Sweet lovable babyboy name Charlie. So Egypt has a Husband now and is walking that aisle with her pretty white Dress on! lol we adopted Charie brown from a wonderful family in Brooklyn and he has been with us for a couple of months now and we are so delighted to have him apart of our life! I am obsessed with him and spoil the hell out of my Sphynxiee’s lol I have no kids and so these are considered my kids and I just want the best of the best for them. I provide unlimited love and time with those two ! Totally obsessed my fiancé believes that I love them more than him … lol shhh… this just might be 100% true lol but won’t say it lol. Please feel free to give me any recommendations I want to know what foods are good for them as well . And what litter you use thank you

Any who I have been using a non fragrance liter and it has been working but I want something that I know wouldn’t affect them long term so I can start now and continue with it❤️ please inform me thank you Sphynx family ! Heres a picture of Charlie and Egypt I also have a Instagram for them please add your sphynx family to ours link below ❤️

Egypt & Charlie (@mamigirl_charliebrown_718) • Instagram photos and videos


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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@SphynxLover718 , awh happy Charlie Brown Gotcha! Egypt and Charlie are adorable! be sure to add them to the SL IG thread.

for over a decade I use Dr Elseys unscented clumping litter in Blue/white Bag which was recommended to me when I joined. many great choices out there. for a decade I feed Nutrisource cat and kitten food, no recalls touted for palatability and gut health, I get 16lb bag online, not sold in pet stores. , they share a can of proplan urinary focus chicken or oceanwhite fish. , well except for Batman runs in disgust with canned or raw food. keeping it simple here, feed n go .
never a poo or skin issue . mine are 10,12, 12, yrs old. I free feed small portions of dry and the wet at breakfast.

members will surely chime in with litter/food info.
there are some litter threads /polls can try the top right search box, for litter and food info
I use the jumbo catit litter box that has a lid that folds back for easy scooping, and I pop out the door flap. other fav box I added is the good pet stuff hidden litter box* I do no use the moss it comes with.

hugs n head smooches! look forward to more adorable pics and tales!


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