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Should I change my kitty litter brand?


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Jan 13, 2009
Should I change litters? Does my Sphynx cat like his/her litter? Is she allergic to it? He pees or poops outside of the box, is this because she does not like the litter?

This is a question we have heard too many times here on the Lair so I thought I would put some information out there for everyone to help understand, when, why and how to change your kitty litter brand.

How do I know if my Sphynx does not like his/ her kitty litter?
  • Your Sphynx places two of his paws on the edge of the box and the other two in the litter while going to the bathroom.
  • Your Sphynx does not dig a hole first or she does not like to cover her pee or poop
  • Your Sphynx shakes his paws after stepping out of the litter box
  • Your Sphynx scratches the floor or carpet just outside of his litter box
  • Your Sphynx pees or poops just outside of his litter box

If you see your Sphynx showing any of these signs of disliking his/ her litter, it is your job to figure out what he/ she does not like about the current kitty litter brand you are using. This is a process of trial and error, and could take a few weeks. So patience is a virtue.

Also just because your Sphynx exhibits one or two of these acts, does not mean he dislikes his kitty litter, if she is going in the box, leave well enough alone!

Here is an easy test, Just put another litter box next to the one he is currently using but put a different type of litter in the new litter box. If he uses the other kitty litter, you know which one he likes best. Leave both litter boxes in place until he gets used to using the new litter, then discard the old litter and fill that box with the new litter.

If your Sphynx does not like the new litter, then you will have to try another litter product. Keep doing this until you find one your Sphynx prefers best.

If you want to change litter brands for your own personal reasons or you feel your Sphynx does not care for your current brand, this is simple, first start by adding a little of the new litter into the litter box containing your current brand, then approximately over a course of about a week, gradually add a little more of the new to the old litter while eventually eliminating the old litter completely.

Try to stick with similar types of litter, for example clumping with clumping litters and so on.

If your Sphynx begins avoiding the litter box at any time during this transitioning process, add more of the old brand back in and change the percentage of old and new brands more gradually.Again this process can take time so have patience.

On another note, if you have more than one cat and one litter box this could also create problems which never existed before with urinating or pooping outside of the box. if changing litters does not work the other question is, do you have enough litter boxes in the home? A good rule of thumb is 1 box per cat.

*Also removing the lid or hood can make a difference in peeing or pooping outside the box.

* Location~location~location ~ Try another room, or area. He may not like tracking into a basement or even a dark "chilly" room!

*Another issue some folks have with peeing and pooping outside the box with their sphynx is with a declawed cat (which we never reccomend). The cat can have a very "sensitive" feeling in their paws which a hard gritty type litter can be painful walking in or uncomfortable to say the least. Changing to a "softer" "sandier" litter will help with keeping them going in their litter box.

*Also note that sometimes peeing out of the box is a sign of a possible UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which usually be small dribbles of pee or even just droplets - a vet visit is needed in this case.

* Scooping and cleaning too often can cause pooping and peeing outside of the box behavior as well. Check out this video by jackson Galaxy ~ "The Politics of Litter."

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