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"Smiling Daises!" Necklärs


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Jan 13, 2009
What a combination, daises and smiles! Do you like daises? Does your Sphynx make you smile? Then this Necklär would be a perfect fit for your Sphynx kitty "Smiling Daises!"

Please visit store to purchase http://www.sphynxlair.com/cartplog.php?do=viewitem&cartplogproductid=28

Price: $15.00 in the U.S. Includes shipping!

Price: $18.00 Outside the U.S. Includes shipping!

Size: Length-8 1/2"- Width 1/4"

Extra: Includes bell (not all Necklärs include a bell)


Here is one of our latest really cool items here on Sphynxlair,

Our own custom hand-made Necklärs are hand-crafted by our own ilovemysphynx! what is it you ask? They are just that, necklace/ collars or Necklärs made specifically for show! these beautiful collars are custom hand made and only available here on Sphynxlair!

Your Sphynx would wear them when company is over, going to a show, on a walk in his/ her stroller, photo shoot or just a trip to the store. The Necklärs are 100% safe with their "break away" clasps, just a little pull and they come apart. The Necklärs are not to be used with a leash to be walked on, you should use a harness for a walk with your Sphynx.

The Necklärs are made from a fine high quality nylon approximately a 1/4 inch in width and come in all different lengths. They have flashy eye catching quality charms which are custom sewn by hand onto the nylon collar for a safe wonderful looking product as is the safe "break away" clasp.

The Necklärs are hand made and can be custom fit to any size requested. Our in stock would be the 8 inch Necklärs with the pictured available patterns below pending product availability.

for custom sizes or request please contact @ilovemysphynx or email us at [email protected]