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Snuffie met my mom and dad for the 1st time!


Jan 16, 2010
I'm originally from NC and rarely get a chance to see my parents. The last time I saw them was in Janurary and that was for my grandfathers sudden funeral 3 days after Christmas that none of us expected. I hadn't seen my parents prior to that for 2 years or so. My parents live in NC and I live in Ohio so my kids don't have a great distance between myself and their dad...we live only a few miles away from each other. (GAGS) I deal with it the best I can. Yes, I'm happily divorced! lol

I picked Snuffie up 5 days after I saw my parents last. They have heard more about my cat over the past 6 months then they have about my kids probably. Well anyhow, so they finally met Snuffie. They were apprehensive about touching her at first but as soon as my mom touched her Snuffie nuzzeled against her hand and purred and licked at her and my mom said, "OMG, she feels like a baby, let me hold her!" And then the bond began! lol Snuffie did the usual Sphynx antics of taking turns playing with everyone, she was the center of attention and begged for food politely from my parents at dinner. lol She was more agressive with Jimmy and myself of course. lol

My dad had been sitting on the couch about 10 minutes or so after their arrival and snuffie was already licking his head. That's her welcome home thing she does with Jimmy everyday. lol Anyhow, another case of 2 people who weren't fond of Sphynx being won over yet again!!

I'm so thankful Snuffie takes so well to visitors when they come over and she isn't a "scaredy cat". It pleases me that she is a advocate to make people change their minds about her breed.
Had to share.


Staff member
Feb 2, 2009
Very nice:ThumbsUp: Enjoy your visit!
We have family visiting also Admins side we only see them once a year, his mom lives in California and the sister and her family that are here live in Indiana. Anyway they have 3 little girls, who I just love, (how could I not I am their favorite). Well they got here last night and said where are those weird cats? We went upstairs and that was it they love them. Well untill my brother inlaw took a shower this morning and Leo kept opening the door:Woo: