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Soft Paws Review

Don Waffle

Feb 4, 2012
Hello all,

So, I just want to write my opinion on the product Soft Paws- Cat Claw Covers.

I purchased these for Waffles when she was about 4.5 months old. The kitten set comes with a set of kitten sized covers and a set of small sized covers. It seemed to me that the small covers fit better on her nails then the kitten sized covers. Of course, I have a Don Sphynx, and I'm not sure if it would be the same for Canadian Sphynx, where they are two different breeds.

The Covers did what they said. The product is way awesome, if you don't want your cat clawing furniture or walls or curtains. However, they can't claw their cat trees or catch themselves from falling, or balance on your shoulder as well, or climb up your leg to get into your arms. For that, I did not particularly like the product. I felt like Waffles could BE a cat. And, all of her little cat trees chilling around the house were just chilling there, not being used, because she couldn't climb them... Or feel confident climbing the higher levels.

I applied them on her nails once, and replaced a couple of them that fell off the first day or two, but by day three my husband was telling me to stop gluing them on and to never use them again.

She never really had a problem with clawing furniture, I just thought they were cute and wanted her to have "painted" nails. Now that I understand the product a little better, I don't care to ever purchase them again. However, for someone who doesn't want their cat clawing anything, this is the perfect way to take care of that problem, and be humane about it.

I think it's been about 2-3 weeks since I glued Waffles claw covers on, and today the last cover came off (after I clipped it off). So, they do last a little while if glued on properly.

Oh! One thing I want to mention, when cleaning the "gunk" off Waffles nails, it was a bit harder to get it all the way clean and I felt like her nails were going to get infected or it was easier for bacteria to get trapped in her nails and cause issues... Though we never had that problem (bacteria causing issues) it was just a personal thing I was thinking due to my awesome OCD issues. lol!

I hope this helps anyone inquiring about Soft Paw Cat Claw Covers.

PS: I definiteley recommend these as apposed to declawing. Which I think is very inhumane, in case anyone was wondering what I'd prefer.