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Some ruminations on dealing with dummies...


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Senior Lairian
Oct 1, 2011
I think it is really important to have a sense of humor about Sphynxes.

For one thing, they absolutely are unusual-looking cats! And all domestic cats are bred to be appealing to humans, so people are accustomed to judging/assessing/paying attention to how physically attractive any cat is (without even realizing it).

The majority of cats have hair, and that hair is often a primary source of beauty--pure white fluffy Persians (though I think the smoosh-face looks kinda funny lol), the luxurious mane of Maine Coons, exotic & elaborately patterned Bengals.

In fact, it's difficult to think of any animal that mainstream culture would consider most beautiful in hairless form--even people! We associate hairlessness with aging. Along with wrinkles! Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, small, naked animals can have a fetal look that many find creepy. :raises hand:

I think for most people who have never seen a Sphynx in person, the most unappealing aspect is how the skin would feel to touch. One of the primary joys of domestic animals is stroking soft fur, and they cannot imagine how petting a naked cat could possibly feel good. Often when I'm talking to a skeptic, as soon as I mention that most Sphynxes have a fine, downy, velvety layer of fur, they get this surprised & interested look on their faces, like, "Oh! Really? Well that sounds kinda neat, actually." It also never hurts to point out that their skin is a few degrees warmer than other cats, so they feel like warm suede.

Now, I'll always be at least a little offended by people saying Sphynxes are unattractive, but I have a few tricks that really help me--all of which involve a sense of humor:

"Yeah, I wanted to dress him up like a cat for Halloween, but my boyfriend wouldn't let me because he thought it would damage his ego." It's funny on a few different levels. The main point of humor is the absurdity of dressing a cat up as a cat--so, it forces the listener to (subconsciously) completely accept the Sphynx as 100% Cat and to find the idea that he is anything less than that absurd.

"My landlord has an Hispanic handyman who does most of the repairs in my apartment, and the first time he saw Astor, he looked at him curiously for a second and then turned to me and said, 'Gato?' " I like this story especially because the handyman gets such a kick out of Astor whenever he's here (Astor stalks him while he's working). Plus, I'm sure he knew he was a cat; I think it was actually kind of an ice-breaker so he could play with him :)

Sometimes I'll list some of the reactions people have had and really try to see the humor myself. It demonstrates that it is, essentially, impossible to "insult" me or my cat because I see all such comments as jokes: Chihuahua, alien, inside-out cat---oh, I just thought of one! Benjamin Button cat! Cause he looks like a little old man as a kitten, all bald & wrinkly.

Just wanted to share my thoughts! I've also started collecting Sphynx lolcats pictures whenever I come across a good one ;)

Do you guys have any favorite jokes to disarm skeptics?ImageUploadedByTapatalk1337976653.452401.jpg


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Mar 28, 2011
:ThumbsUp:Love the story of your handyman.

There are so many different species of animals in our world that were all put here for mankind to love, respect and care for. Some people have scorpions and tarantulas as pets. To each his own, I guess. We are the lucky ones to have this breed in our lives. We know 1st hand how loving our cats are. They make us happy and bring smiles to our faces with their antics and curiosities. When someone talks down to me about Sphynx cats, I just tell them that I've never had a more affectionate cat in all my life.

A couple of months ago, my company was involved with a project with one of our local animal shelters; donations etc... I was off work one day but brought my Bambino kitten, Sheldon to the office for one of the supervisors to see. I was there for about 1 hour, and 40 or so people came over during that time to see my lil' boy. They were all fascinated with him! My own supervisor who was skeptical about the cuteness of the breed (in photos) even changed his mind after seeing Sheldon in person.

I think a lot of these people who are passing judgement on the Sphynx breed have never actually gotten to spend time with one. They really don't know what they're missing:ThumbsUp: