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Sphynx cat questions ? resources

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
While our Sphynx keep us on our toes and we await replies to our questions
Please remember there are many helpful threads and information using :

1. the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Sphynxlair home page.

Be sure to read the "sticky" threads on topics and
To scroll to the bottom of threads for "Similar threads "

2. Sphynx Information Center
A resource of great Sphynx information - specific topics.

Sphynx Cat Help Center

( To be honest , when I joined I never knew to actually click on the actually
Help center box - I thought it was a header for subjects below it )

3. Sight News Questions
Has links of How to add pics and videos to your threads and questions
Site News ~ Questions?
To help navigate the site , learn about the lair shop & Sphynx bucks

Here is another resource
FAQ - "Frequently Asked Questions" about using the site.
** which has a tutorial video of how to use the Sphynxlair website

Remember we cannot diagnosis but share our experiences to discuss with your vet for proper
Diagnosis and treatment plan

Wishing all a purrfect day !
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