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Sphynx pocket- Cool Camo


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Jan 13, 2009
Introducing our new custom hand made "Sphynx Pocket" only available here on Sphynxlair! Its fun, it's warm, just throw it on the couch or floor and your Sphynx does the rest! They love it, it's cozy, fun and frilly! Perfect for those cold & chilly nights! Use it as a pocket or blanket, it's the "Sphynx Pocket!" Get it while it's hot!

Here is what Sphynx are saying about it look below!

PRICE: 24.99 includes shipping anywhere in the US! Buy it now!
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Additional shipping fee outside of the US. Pm Ilovemysphynx or email to admin@sphynxlair.com for details.

More patterns coming soon!

Some Sphynx pockets are solid in color on the bottom and have a print on top, some are solid pattern. If you have a color or print you would like please contact ilovemysphynx via pm or email to admin@sphynxlair.com


Style- Cool Camo
Material-100% Polyester-Fleece
Care-Machine Wash cold, delicate, no bleach, tumble dry low
Size-Approximately 25" Long x 19" Wide
Touch & Feel-Soft, warm and cozy, this fleece has a brushed finish to prevent pilling

Check out some pictures of the Sphynx Pocket in action!

Leonidas loved the Cool Camo so much he owns one as we speak!!!