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Sphynxlair Halloween Costume Contest 2010!


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Jan 13, 2009
PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN CAT, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP UNDER MULTIPLE NAMES, OR HAVE MULTIPLE FRIENDS SIGN UP THAT WILL NOT PARTICIPATE ON SPHYNXLAIR AFTER THE CONTEST IS OVER, IF FOUND YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM CONTEST, Thank you for understanding!. We do monitor voting by IP Address. Just click on the pictures of the kitty's, start with the first one on the left, remember their name, and vote for your favorite! You can submit your kitty anytime during contest!

Please tell all who have a beautiful sphynx to come join and participate! This contest is to give your opinion on the best Halloween sphynx kitty costume.We know our sphynx cats are beautiful no matter what, and we all love our cats.This contest is just for fun and enjoyment and to get a chance to share photos of our precious cats. Thanks for participating.

Directions for contest:You must submit one picture of your sphynx dressed up in A costume for Halloween. Along with kitty's name and your name (username on Sphynxlair site). Starting on 10-9-10 thru 10-28-10 If you know a sphynx owner or friend please tell them about the site and enter their kitty in the contest.

You, our members will then vote on their favorite costume starting 10-24-10 thru 10-30-10 and the winners will be announced on 10-31-10. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place and the prizes are A surprise! You must be a member and the cat must be a sphynx to be eligible to win this contest and wearing a costume! (NO Photoshop please, must be the "Real Deal!"). Good luck!

EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTEST:email one photo of your Sphynx in his or her costume to admin@sphynxlair.com please leave your name and your sphynx name and address to where gift is to be mailed if you win.Your picture and info will be posted in our contest section! Good Luck to all of you!
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