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Sphynxlair...In The beginning!


Sep 12, 2015
@admin How nice to hear from the founders of Sphynxlair. I only just joined this forum but I wanted to congratulate you on a concept well developed. I love the forum quite a lot and everything here (including the members) feels so welcoming.

So in short: Thank you for creating a home for Sphynx lovers.
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Anita Eccleston

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 26, 2017
Hi Sphynxlair members,

Just thought I would share the beginning of Sphynxlair with you all.

Heather and I got Leonidas or Leo from a breeder back in 2009 and instantly fell in love with Leo and the sphynx breed. We had many questions and there was literally nothing on the web or others we could share our thoughts, questions, pictures, stories and videos or anything meaningful about our wonderful baby Leo. He seemed more than just a pet so any old pet forum wouldn't do!

There were many pet forums but nothing just for sphynx, we have had pets but nothing compared to these wonderful creatures. There needed to be a place just for them and their owners to share this special feeling that happens when one of these companions come into your life, so Heather and I decided to start a site specifically about sphynx cats-hence Sphynxlair!

The "making" of the Sphynxlair cat!

A snap shot of the "Old Look" back in 2009.

I am so glad you guys did I have been taught so much by the members here on the lair ! So many really really nice people
All willing to give advice at the drop of a hat , in some cases I’ve know a member who actually did some research for me I love how everyone gets along so nicely , and we can show our babies off with our chest all puff out like that’s my baby , I love how we can see other people’s namked babies and know just where their pride is coming from because we feel just the same lol
I love to see all colours and markings on other people’s babies
Oh I just love it here !
I have made some nice friends here
So “”” THANK YOU “””
Massive hugs
Anita & Cleo xxx