Stella amd Chewy's Salmon/Chicken flavor?

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    my brat who who was treated for a UTI when I adopted him (who refused all the "vet " wet foods)
    Was eating Proplan urinart focus wet food ( 3 oz shared ) now all 3 refuse to eat it .
    I like it bcz he has been crystal free no issues and the Proplan had low phosphorus % like the "vet " formulas ( not crazy about ingrediemtd but it works for years )

    I was thinking of replacing the shared can of wet food
    with Stella amd chewys salmon chicken while still feeding them their Nutrisource kibble?
    My pup loved Stella's duck but cats were not interest in the duck when I tried to give s taste as a treat to them.
    Batman runs fast tail switching at the hint or presentation of any wet food!
    So 3 share a can they barely finish

    Anyone feed Stella and Chewy's as a canned food replacement and still feed kibble?
    I know I fed my pup the duck duck goose that can be used as a topper
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