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Stop Dog Scratching? Any Tips? Advice please!


Oct 2, 2018
My cocker spaniel is just over 2 years old so of course he is still a puppy but as me and my partner work he has to be left alone(I go home on my dinner break to let him out) sometimes I am to late! My partner works rubbish hours so sometimes he put early like me, sometimes he starts at 2/3pm and I finish at 4:30pm
We have moved house recently so started to put the dog in the kitchen with his bed, toys and water but he scratched at the door and we then had to have it repaired, so I became soft and started letting him have the roam of upstairs with my sons baby gate at the top of the stairs but he jumped over that and had the roam of the house(couple of accidents) So I thought ok let him have the roam of the house(again couple of accidents) so of course I have had to wash my carpets!
I then find he is ripping up parcels from the letterbox.
Having accidents on the foor again so yet again cleaned the carpets luckily managed to remove the stains and smell and no urine smell as wasn’t wee on the floor so I can’t keep having this so I have put him back in the kitchen
But.... I don’t want him scratching at the door again any tips on stopping this?
if he has accidents in the kitchen it can be easily cleaned but carpets no!


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Sep 2, 2014
Well, I know they make plastic boards you can put over the lower half of your door to prevent damage to the actual door.

For the accidents, have you thought about potty pads?

Love and Sphynx ~ It’s all you need