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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Our new kitten has been with us a week now. Our older kitten jasper (10 month old sphynx) is adjusting well!

    New kitten has seen the vet & been screened for everything. He’s perfectly healthy. However, I’ve noticed that over the last 4 (maybe 5) days that Jaspers poops have been VERY stinky and a bit wetter then normal though still very formed but more on the yellowish brown side instead of the dark brown they use to be. I had his poop and kittens poop screened at the vet on Monday and everything came back normal.

    So is this stress related? Jasper isn’t as interested in treats though is still eating & drinking well. No changes to food. Though we did just switch litters.
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      Happy to hear your new kitten is settling in well.
      Do Jasper and the new kitten eat the same food? Or is it possible Jasper eats something from the kittens food?

      It can well be stress related. When Jade joined the house my boys had less firm and much more smelly poops for two weeks or so.
      As long as he plays, eats and drinks and it' not becoming diarrhea I think it' nothing to worry about. Specially cause their poops had been checked.

      Hope all is back to normal soon