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Apr 14, 2019
Hi all!
I’m a veterinary nurse, however feel somewhat lost in terms of the best approach for our new kitty. My fiancé decided to adopt her from a breeder for free in exchange for pet sitting & knowing she would be going to a new home. (3 year old intact female.)

We got her a few days ago & I brought her with me to work due to loose stool with frank blood. Smells so bad we had to open windows. Well. I caught a little evil trichomonas under the microscope. $80 for compounded ronidazole.

How long will it take for symptomatic relief? I’ve been giving her diphenoxylate. Mixing pumpkin in with her food as well. I’ve got her and my other 2 cats on Natural Balance. Planning to add Fortiflora. Poor thing gets “poop tail” every BM. ALSO I’ve been adding lysine powder to her food since my fiancé said she sneezed a few times and has goopy eyes after long sleeps.

Has anybody else dealt with the parasite? Did the medication actually work? We’re there random episodes of diarrhea after the ronidazole course?
I know it doesn’t really go away and cats can be asymptomatic.

Also. Best shampoo & wipes for their skin? I’m a veterinary nurse who bought our first home 6 months ago so $7 for 25 wipes isn’t an option! Is there a specific baby wipe?

Does giving in-between wipey baths accelerate oil build up? Does coconut oil make them create more body oils? What are the best ways to keep her clean without irritating her skin?

I use Epiotic in her ears. Coconut oil to prevent drying out after bath.

I need tips
Thank you!


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 23, 2012
Have you looked into S. Boulardii as a probiotic? It is safe and what they sometimes give to humans with c. Difficile. We use it to treat diarrhea bouts.

I find just warm water on a cloth to scrub around their neck and belly is the best for in between bath touch ups. I find wipes just have more ingredients that they could potentially be sensitive to.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
@Alexxxxandra4u Awh bless you for giving this girl the best of love and care

Here is a link to tritrichomonas you may have read already .
I do know members have dealt with it amd will certainly chime in .
If you use the top right search box for tritrichomonas you will see several threads mentioning it

For wipes many use Huggies natural fragrance free
Please note some members recently added that their kitties had a skin reaction to
Coconut oil

15 years ago my vet got my hooked on Trizultra with Keto to clean ears on my kitties amd dogs.
I like it is dual purpose and can be used on skin -
(I battled chronic ear issues with my dog years ago it was aweful - using Trizultra ever since amd no more issues - use it to clean kitties ears for years too )

I just wet 100% cotton flat cosmetic rounds amd qtips and precision q tips with the Trizultra to clean ears . The precision qtips brand only ( other off brands are too sharp )
They are good for cleaning that outer ear edge button skin fold thst holds lots of gunk . I don’t actually flush ears .

Many of us use hylyt shampoo - soap free hypoallergenic alomg with exfoliating gloves - helps hold wiggly kitty too
My vets sells it and it’s online ( the packaging has changed )

I use the hylyt for spot cleaning too
I put a few teeniest drops in a pitcher of warm water with baby face clothes

I have not noticed any extra oil build up with hylyt shampoo amd the inbetween wipe downs with it very diluted

Years ago my moms vet sold her Diarr-Eze powder which worked well for her kitty

Healing vibes ! Following closely for updates


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Mar 14, 2019
Ugh, I hope she feels better soon! I have no advice in this area but she sounds like she's in really good hands!

My two cents are that I use Dr. Bronner's unscented Castile liquid soap for and I have noticed mine stays really clean afterwards, it's been a week since her bath and she doesn't have a lot of dark oil build up.

I used coconut oil before her bath, so like, I put her in the bathtub and rubbed it all over her body with my hands to kind of loosen up the grime, and then I washed everything off with my soap and exfoliant gloves and rinsed really well after. This worked well for me, but I would test coconut oil in a small area first because some cats on here have been allergic.

I use Huggies natural fragrance free wipes but I just wrote a thread on how I'm not very successful at wrangling her in order TO wipe. Sometimes she has dried on feces on her butt that a wipe can't really get so I'll dip a baby wipe into coconut oil to help loosen it up (sorry to be graphic).

You didn't ask about ear cleaning & nail beds so you probably have it under control, but I haven't had to use anything but cotton balls, q-tips (carefully) and water (wrung out really well) at the recommendation of my vet.


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 2, 2014
I’ve not dealt with that pathogen so I can’t help there.

On baths though, I use Hylyt too and love it. I bathe about once monthly. I don’t use wipes between baths. I’ve tried them but they don’t work as well as a warm wet soapy washcloth. I use baby washcloths because they are soft, but also thin so I can get into her labial folds when she gets poop residue there.

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Condo commando

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Apr 7, 2014
Congrats on the new kitty. Sometimes it starts out a little crazy but you're already on your way to better days.

The meds can cause GI upset, but of course the main thing is to get rid of the infection so you might have to accept the poo issue for a few days.

However, food can help a lot. I would go with a nice bland, boiled chicken for a few days to see if that settles her stomach. If she doesn't go for the boiled chicken, sprinkle something on it to entice her. For example, crushed Temptations cat treats, crushed kibble, grated parmesan cheese, tuna water, etc.

After 3-4 days on boiled chicken, you can switch her to cat food. You can add a probiotic but I would try just the food by itself at first to see if you even need the probiotic. Go with just canned food at first and introduce kibble slowly.

Hold up on other stuff like pumpkin and lysine. You should not even need it. Fingers crossed for you guys.


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jul 10, 2015
I don't have any advice with the pathogen but sounds like you've gotten some good tips and you are on your way to getting it cleared.

Congrats on the new kitty!

I think with most things it's trial and error with these guys, or at least that's how it has been for me and Agnes. She hates baths, hates touch-up cleanings, hates ear cleanings, pretty much anything grooming related she dislikes. It probably hasn't helped that I have had to give medicated baths for over a year now due to reoccurring skin infections (thankfully I can give her medication!!) We recently discovered she is allergic to life (pun intended, but really she has terrible allergies that are not food related and are giving allergy serum injections hopefully to help) My girl is definitely not an easy kitty, but I love her just the same.