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Switching food...


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Aug 21, 2015
So, cat food is horrendously expensive in France (compared to Germany)
The SAME bag of RC Sphynx is over €10 more expensive here, and with 3 of them... yeah.
I'd gone to Perfect Fit, because they were good on that, and it's cheaper. Alas, either they changed the recipe, or it took this long to rear it's ugly head -- but the Turkey variety gives them yucky poop bordering on diarrhea.
The fish variety seems okay.
I'd run out of fish the other day and the only thing I could find was Purina One Sensitive, Fish. (Wasn't going to chance the poultry varieties...)
They wuffed that down and no nasty poop, so (not trusting Perfect Fit anymore) I ordered the Purina One Fish, instead. I did find another bag that had fallen down the back of the cupboard of the PF Fish, so right now they have a bowl of PF next to a bowl of Purina One.
Apparently the Purina is WAY better tasting lol. (Or maybe just because it tastes slightly different.)
They also get Cosma Thai Tuna&Crab wet food in the evening (mostly to get lysine into them). Even Pixie eats (some) of that. (Otherwise she gets her fish soup.)
I tried them on the high end kibbles (Orijen etc) and it was left in the bowl!! They had to be utterly starving before they'd eat it. Even JEZ, who is a walking waste disposal. Pixie just sat next to the bowl, sniffed at it, whined and walked away.
Raw...isn't going to happen, because Pixie won't eat it at all, Jez would eat everyone's portion (and anything else she can get into her little mouth) and the prices for meat in France... yikes. I might as well buy the cow.

Now I have something like 4 bags (1.5kg each) of PF Turkey left. :/ Argh.
If there were a shelter around here (there isn't) I'd donate it to them.

Trials and tribulations...

Toa and Ross

Staff member
Jan 23, 2015
You're ladies have a delicate tast for food! Hope the keep eating what you have now


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Aug 14, 2018
who is a walking waste disposal
I'm trying to keep a straight face reading that but it isn't working out well.

I'm not sure if you have a certain site we have where you can order food a tad cheaper (may I PM you the site?) it might be worth to compare prices towards other sellers when it comes to litter/food/toys etc.
Hmm, guess it is trial and error to find out what they do like to eat and what not.
I have my toes crossed you'll find the kibbles that conquer all of their little hearts without having to buy a cow.
As for the left over kibble, I wonder if you mix it little by little in with what they do eat, would they notice? :ROFLMAO:
That might be worth a try, with some luck they might nom it without them even noticing it?
Or maybe other cat owners you know that you could make happy, or put it on facebook sell page and ask a small fee for it so you still can recover some money? (I've seen that been done before, not often but sometimes.)
I hope it works out in the end. (y) And now I'm curious what the winning kibble will be in the end.