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Swollen eye


Jul 10, 2015
So we attend the skin specialist clinic today, Binky is getting a biopsy of her skin so there taking 2 pieces of skin and they will have to knock her out for a few hours and she will have 1 stitch in each bit they remove! The vet will allergy test each piece of skin and then form a plan from that! Xxxx
Best of luck!! Hoping that the vet can formulate a plan that will help the both of you. Hugs!!


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Jun 17, 2017
Hi guys, bless sorry for delay on replying am selling my flat at the moment so been a buzy bee! Moving to a bigger home so our baby Binky has more space For all her things, my family think am nuts but ain’t no mamma like a crazy Sphynx mamma!

yeah everything went well Binky got four pieces of skin removed from different areas so she has stitches, the skin got tested n it came back negative for everything! Her bloods got sent away to get tested just waiting on results for that!

Bless her she was a bit out of sorts after it, but she’s doing ok and eating n drinking well! We go back in 2 weeks for removal of stitches and a review of meds! She is on two steroid tabs night n morn and still taking her atopica!
I really didn’t want Binky on
steroids, but the plan the vet has is for 2 weeks steriods to see if if it will help clear the skin then start reducing them and come off them all together and then daily atopica hoping to to reduce that to a few days a week! Everything is trial and error but I am praying this works!

Thanks so much for your concern and well wishes am actually chatting to her, telling her you guys send love haha...! People think this kitty makes me crazy but Honestly I think she keeps me sane :ROFLMAO: xxx
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