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Thank You Auntie Christina and Snuffie!!! The Snuffie Collection, Part One


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Aug 23, 2009
We received a lovely gift from Snuffie and Auntie Christina today! A package with a new dress, two hoodies, a sweater, a t-shirt for Zuchini, a toy and some treats! Just because she loves us! We love you so very much and thank you for your wonderful generosity. We are blessed by the gift you give us of your time, talents and treasures.
We are so grateful for the many kindnesses you all have shared...and I love you all.
We tried to have a fashion show, but we got a little excited and tipped mama's drink over and one of the sweatshirts and the sweater got all wet, so we modeled what we could, and will model the rest later, ok?
Here we are:

Zuchini says to say a special thanks to you, Auntie Christina, that his t-shirt is a little bit too big, but he promises he will grow into it. He says he would kiss you in person if he could, but sends his love. And so do the rest of us. :BigSmile:


Jan 16, 2010
Thanks all!

Susi - I'm glad you liked the things I sent. I'm also glad the hoodies and sweaters will fit. I hope you don't mind some hand me downs along with the new stuff. lol Snuffie can't wear them any longer and I figured with as many kitties as you have hopefully someone could put them to good use since they were only worn once or twice at the most.
Zuki is gorgeous! I made that tee with him in mind. I totally eyeballed it. I'm glad its a little big, it will give him something that will last him a little while. I tried to find a Zuchini or cucumber iron on to put on it but nothing turned up. lol I should have went for a BIG Z!! lol Oh well,,,glad it all fits tho! Love you guys!! xoxo